DANFOSS, Denmark  

Danfoss Nozzles

These are Oil Burner Nozzles for industrial applications for Light, Medium and Heavy Oils.
Capacity in USgal/hr available from 0.40 upto 100 gph, calibrated at 100 psi pressure.
Spray angles of 30, 45, 60, 80 and 90 degrees.
Spray patterns of R, PLP and HO depending upon type of oil & applications can be used.
HO nozzles are specifically designed for Heavy Oil and All Nozzles are individually tested.
Monarch Nozzles with by-pass attachments fitted are available in some specific sizes Ex. Stock with us.
Other sizes can be fitted with these by-pass attachments on request and against specific order from customers.
Danfoss Oil Pumps

Danfoss oil pumps are available in different models depending upon capacity in Lph, Pressure and type of Fuel being used.
These are available in BFP, RSA and RSH series.
These are having very high quality Viton Seals and also suitable for very Light Fuels like Kerosene and 10% Bio-diesel etc.
Pump models BFP 21 R3/L3, BFP 21 R5/L5, BFP 41L3 and BFP 10L6/R6 are available Ex. Stock with us
Danfoss Burner Controller

Models OBC 82.10 and 84.10 available in stock.
Microprocessor based controller offers Stable and Precise Timings.
Suitable for One / two stage burners upto 30 kg/hr capacity with and without preheater.

Danfoss Photocells

Danfoss photo resistors of type LD and LDS Series are suitable for to detect flame in yellow flame burners.
These are compatible with Danfoss OBC and BHO controllers and are available in black and red color indicating normal and high sensitivity of photo resistors.
These are available in different Cable Lengths and with suitable Clamp & Flange for Mounting Purposes.

Danfoss EBI Transformers

These are new EBI series 4 transformers of electronic type D and these are lead fee and RoHs compliant.
These are available for both Intermittent and Continuous Duty for single pole and two pole variety for small and medium Oil and Gas Burners.
Models available are EBI4 - 052F 4030 / 4038 / 4034 / 4040 / 4036 and 4031 varieties with plug in type primary cable.
These are already in built with suitable interference suppression free filters to overcome field disturbances in panels.