Dungs Valve Proving Systems VPS, VDK, DSLC , VPM Series

These valve proving systems are suitable to check and ensure the leak proof ness of MultiBloc Valves used in the system.
VDK Series is suitable for testing leak proof ness for two single solenoid valves in the pipeline.
DSLC/ VPM Series can be used for system leakage test which is an electro-mechanical/ electronic device.

Dungs Gas Filters

These are available is sizes from 1/2" upto 2" in Threaded Versions.
From 1 1/2" and above in Flanged Versions.
Available Operating Pressure Range of 200 mbar and 4 Bar.

Dungs Pressure Switches

These pressure switches are available both for Air and Gas.
These are available in different models and suitable for different applications.
Popular models are LGW - A2, LGW - A2P, LGW A4, GW - A6, GW- A5 series with different Set Pressure Ranges are available.
Other specific models are Weather Proof Versions are available from Dungs Range of Pressure Switches from the specific product program.

Dungs Pressure Regulators FRS, FRNG, FRN, FRSBV Series

These are Gas Pressure Regulators used for Regulating the Inlet and Outlet Pressure of the Gas and suitable for different Applications.
Max operating pressure allowable is 0.5 bar.
Outlet pressure range can be obtained and changed by different Springs available for different Pressure Settings.

Dungs Servomotors

Dungs Servomotors are available for actuation of Dungs Butterfly Valves and Dungs Linear Flow Control Valves.
These Servomotors are available in 3 Nm and 10 Nm Torque, with 230V AC, 110V AC and 24V DC.
They can provide controls using cams, 4-20mA signal and 0 - 10V and position feedback using Potentiometer, 4-20mA signal and 0 - 10V.

Dungs Solenoid Valves MVD, MVD-LE Series

These are Single Solenoid Valves available in Fast Opening and Slow Opening Versions with main flow rate adjustable.
These are available in Maximum Operating Pressure ranges of 200 mbar, 360 mbar and 500 mbar, size range from 3/8" to 6".
Also MV Series Valves are available upto max operating pressure of 1 bar in sizes 1/2" and 3/4".

Dungs Butterfly Valves HFSV Series

These are Butterfly Valves- one stage with Pneumatic Drive in sizes available from DN50 upto DN300.
Single Stage Butterfly Valves are used for applications requiring Pneumatic Control.
These are available in sizes 2" to 12" in flanged versions, available for inlet pressures upto 3 bars.
Popular models are HFSV series.

MVD and MVDLE Series

Dungs Solenoid Valves are available for both Combustible Gases like LPG, CNG and Air.
These are available in single and two stage controls right from 1/4" up to 8" in threaded/ flanged versions.
These are available in 200mbar, 500mbar and 1 bar versions.
These series are popularly known as MVD and MVDLE.

Manual Reset Valves

Manual Reset Valves are used in applications where manual intervention is required to open the valve again on account of power failure.
These are available in sizes from 3/4" to 4" in Threaded / Flanged versions.
Popular models are HSAV series.

Dungs Double Solenoid Valves and Multiblocs

Dungs Double Solenoid Valves and Multiblocs are of modular construction with two valves fitted in series, one Slow Opening and one Fast Opening or both Fast Opening and these are very convenient for Mounting Pressure Switches, Valve Proving Systems etc.
These are available in sizes from 3/8" to 5" and from Inlet Pressures of 500mbar and 5 bar.
Popular models are in DMV-D and DMV-DLE series.
Multibloc valves are also Double Solenoid Valves in series used for low pressure multi-functional applications upto 360mbar.
They are modular in construction and they can provide single and two stage control as well as air gas ratio regulation control.
It is very convenient to Mount Pressure Switches and Valve Proving Systems on these blocs.
Popular models are MB-DLE, MB-ZRDLE and MBC-SE, MBC-VEF series.

Dungs Multiple Actuator MBC-SE Series

Dungs Multiple Actuator MBC-SE series consists of Inlet Gas Filter Pad, 2 nos Solenoid Valves in Series, Servo Gas Pressure Regulator, with max allowable Inlet Pressure of 360 mbar and max outlet pressure setting possible from as low as 4 mbar to 300 mbar, available in sizes from ??" to 4", with voltage options of 230V AC, 110V AC and 24V DC.
Popular models available are MBC 300 - SE, MBC 700 - SE and MBC 1200 - SE which are available Ex.stock with us.

Dungs Multiple Actuator MBC-VEF Series

Dungs multiple actuator MBC-VEF series consists of Inlet Gas Filter Pad, 2 nos Solenoid Valves in Series, Servo Air-Gas Pressure Regulator, with max allowable Inlet Pressure of 360 mbar outlet pressure setting ratio from gas : air 0.4 : 1 to 3 : 1, available in sizes from ??" to 4", with voltage options of 230V AC, 110V AC and 24V DC.
Popular models available are MBC 300 - VEF, MBC 700 - VEF and MBC 1200 - VEF which are available Ex.stock with us.

Dungs Controller MPA-41 Series

These are Automatic Burner Controls with or without Pilot Gas in particular for Industrial Thermo-Processing Equipments.
These are Fully Programmable Controllers and the Complete Sequence of Burner Operation can be programmed and locked as per customer requirements.

Dungs Safety Release Valves

These safety release valves are used to protect the systems from over pressures in the gas trains in the event of sudden overpressures due to closure of solenoid valves
So that the when the line is charged with over pressure than the set pressure, it will allow the release of gas from the system and it is recommended to leave the vent line from this valve safely outside of the building.
These are available in sizes of only 1" and the pressure setting is available from 20 mbar to 1000 mbar using different set of springs as per requirements.
The maximum allowable inlet pressure of the gas is 1 bar.
Popular model is FRSBV 1010.