Additional Accessories  

Elet Plast Connectors

Elet Plast Connectors - Set of male & female connectors - with options of 4pole, 5pole, 6 pole & 7pole connections, available for wiring in different applications providing very easy connection and safety of no mismatch during maintenance and repairs.
These are Male Female set of connectors used in monbloc burners for ease of maintenance and to ensure correct wiring anf fixation again without disconnecting the wires.
These are imported by us from Elet- Plast Italy.
Models available Ex. Stock with us are in 4 pole, 5 pole 6 pole and 7 pole male + female connectors.

Silicone Rubber High Voltage Ignition Cable

Silicone rubber high voltage ignition cable available in diameters of 4.7mm and 7mm.
Teflon cable in diameter of 2.7mm.
Different varieties of copper connecting lugs, insulation caps etc as well as cable with readymade factory crimped lugs available in fixed lengths for safe operation.

Suntec Oil Pump Accessories

These are small but important parts available and can be used in conjunction with these oil pumps like, solenoid coils, hubs / plates for conversion from 32 to 54mm, shaft seals kits, cover kits, plugin cables, small couplings etc.
Pump Models AS 47 C/A, AS 67 C/A, AN 67 A/B/C, AE 67 / 97, AT2 45 C/A, A2L 75 CK, D57 C/A, D67 C/A, E6 NB 1001, E7 NA 1001, E6 NC 1001, E4 NC 1069, E6 NC 1069, E7 NC 1069, E4 NA 1070 , E6 NA 1070 etc. are available Ex. Stock with us.

Repair Kits for Regulators

We can offer Repair Kits for Dungs make FRS, FRNG.
Regulators of different sizes as well as Repair Kits for Giuliani Anello
Regulators of ST 4B models for different sizes, generally available Ex. Stock with us.