Cofi Ignition Transformer & Accessories  

Cofi Winding Type / Electronic Transformers

Cofi Winding type / Electronic transformers available in single pole and two pole versions, different combinations of output voltages in kV, mA and ED ratings, with primary 230V & 110V.
Models available are TRE, TRS and TRG series with intermittent and continuous (100%) duty ratings.
Models are TRE 820, TRE 820P, TRS 830P, TRS 818PC, TRG 1020C, TRE 820 PISO are available Ex. Stock with us.
Cofi ignition transformer border

Ignition Cable, Teflon Cable

Silicone rubber high voltage ignition cable available in diameters of 4.7mm and 7mm.
Teflon cable in diameter of 2.7mm.
Different varieties of Copper Connecting Lugs, Insulation Caps etc as well as cable with readymade factory Crimped Lugs available in fixed lengths for safe operation.
Ignition Cable

Danfoss EBI Transformers

These are new EBI series 4 transformers of electronic type D and these are lead fee and RoHs compliant.
These are available for both Intermittent and Continuous Duty for single pole and two pole variety for small and medium Oil and Gas Burners.
Models available are EBI4 - 052F 4030 / 4038 / 4034 / 4040 / 4036 and 4031 varieties with plug in type primary cable.
These are already in built with suitable interference suppression free filters to overcome field disturbances in panels.

Danfoss EBI Transformers