Leak Detectors & Analysers  

Fyrite Insight

Five in one steady state combustion analyser, B-SMART sensors.
To check combustion efficiency and measure flue gas parameters.
Measures O2, CO and CO2 (by calculations).


Definitive combustion and emission analyser.
Exclusive B-SMART sensor Technology Factory Calibrated Sensors.
Measures O2, CO, CO high, NO, NO2, SO2 and combustion efficiency.
Available in different combination of any four sensors.
No need of instrument to be sent for calibration to service centre.

Gas Leak Detectors

Portable Hand Held Gas Leak Detectors for Pipeline Leaks.
Suitable for all combustible gases like LPG, CNG, Propane.
3 models based on mode and sensitivity, Leakator Junior, Leakator 10 and Informant 2.