Monarch AAMA facade kit/ Oil Burner Nozzles  

Monarch AAMA nozzle kit

AAMA nozzle is the front portion of the AAMA kit which is used for fa├žade testing in the building walls, from where the water is sprayed in a particular pattern to test whether there is any leakage inside the wall while fabricating the same.
Once there is no leakage, it is ensured that the joint made is leak proof.
This made by Monarch USA with suitable approval from American Architectural Manufacturers Association.
Monarch AAMA kit
Danfoss Nozzles

These are Oil Burner Nozzles for industrial applications for Light, Medium and Heavy Oils.
Capacity in USgal/hr available from 0.40 upto 100 gph, calibrated at 100 psi pressure.
Spray angles of 30, 45, 60, 80 and 90 degrees.
Spray patterns of R, PLP and HO depending upon type of oil & applications can be used.
HO nozzles are specifically designed for Heavy Oil and All Nozzles are individually tested.
Monarch Nozzles with by-pass attachments fitted are available in some specific sizes Ex. Stock with us.
Other sizes can be fitted with these by-pass attachments on request and against specific order from customers.

Monarch Nozzles

Oil burner nozzles of type OD series are designed for Commercial High Pressure Burners operating with Light and Heavy oil.
Different Spray Angles of 30, 45, 60, 80 degrees
Spray patterns of Hollow (H), Solid (S), Semi solid (B).
These are made of Brass with SS hardened tip on top.
These nozzles are available Ex. Stock with us.